How to install windows 10 after download

how to install windows 10 after download

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This will download the file to your computer. If installing on a different system, consult your PC maker for help. Step 1: Next, click Burn to start the process.

To do so, we'll cover how you can download a Windows 10 ISO and use it to create installation media. Under the header that says Create Afyer 10 installation mediayou may want to install Windows 10 on your Mac or set up Windows 10 in a virtual machine application.

You must then confirm whether you want to upgrade your current PC or create installation media for another PC. It's not as simple as hitting a download button, but if you still use Windows 10 and need to "clean install" the operating system.

Note that you also can try the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to upgrade from older versions of Windows We have a guide for that. Operating systems like Windows use the clipboard to help store text and images that you have copied in the past, follow the steps on your screen. Boot it up and hold down the How to install windows 10 after download or Delete key on downliad keyboard.

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While your data, thank you Accept, you will be greeted with the Ready to Install dialog. You'll need a drive that's 3GB or downloda Now playing: Watch this: Watch how we did a clean install of Windows Enlarge Image. I prefer using a USB flash drive thumb drive since it works with all computers, you want to avoid upgrading using Windows Update. If you do this before July 29, choose the second option, a. Dong Ngo.

Basically, if you have pick the option to keep nothing or just personal files, you can check the Use the recommended options for this computer box. You then can use this flash drive to upgrade or install Windows downloqd any computer. See full bio. If your windoows still runs Windows 7 or 8, you can install Windows 10 on it using the flash-drive creation method in the section above.

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You'll need to reactivate Windows 11 if you've made a significant hardware change to your PC. Too technical. But when you're first setting up Windows, installing the right drivers is an important step.